Aegean Airlines to open new base in Corfu with direct connections to European destinations

CORFU. The Airline recognises the attraction and potential of Corfu as one of the best loved Greek destinations.

December / 2020

Aegean Airlines is planning to enhance its network operations with a new base in Corfu in 2021. According to current plans, there will be direct connections, either with regular or charter flights, with 4 countries - France, UK, Italy and Russia.

Additionally, there may also be charter flights to other countries such as Scandinavian countries, Romania, Slovenia and Slovakia and others that with an interest in this destination, thus increasing the total number of routes if conditions allow.

In a statement the company said: "The company's plan to open a new base in Corfu with direct connections to international destinations during the summer period  whilst maintaining the daily connections with Athens aims to fulfil a long-standing wish  of Aegean Airlines to make the destination even more attractive.

International operations from the regional bases are scheduled to commence in May and June 2021 and are already available in all reservation systems. This supports access to regional destinations and provides our passengers with the opportunity to explore and benefit from “early booking” offers.

It is important to note that in the meantime, it is crucial that the necessary European protocols and guidelines for air travel be defined and that the first phase of vaccinations will progress across Europe. It is also of great importance that the “Guidelines for COVID-19 Testing and Quarantine of Air Travellers” published jointly by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) and the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), indicates the effectiveness of the safety measures already applied across the civil aviation industry.

The finalisation of the program will take place at the end of February, when a clearer view is expected on the above issues.

The company's long-standing aim is to promote the Greek tourist product, support local communities and enhance tourism. To this end it is collaborating with the biggest international tourist agencies, the domestic hotel and tourist sector and, of course, the local authorities in order to enhance the attractiveness of Greek destinations to both traditional and new markets."