Official announcement: Lockdown extended until 14 December

ATHENS. With the exception of shops selling Christmas goods, which can open from Monday 7 December - The decrease in the numbers of new cases is slower than expected.

December / 2020

Government Spokesperson Stelios Petsas announced that the lockdown has been extended throughout the country by another week until 06:00 on 14 December

An exception will be shops selling Christmas goods and the sale of these goods in supermarkets. Details as to the opening hours and how these shops will operate will be announced tomorrow, Friday, by the General Secretary for Trade and Consumer Protection Panayiotis Stamboulidis.

Mr. Petsas said that the gradual reopening of economic and social activities is being put back due to the epidemiological data. There has been a stabilisation and decrease in the number of cases but this has been slower than expected.

According to the Government Spokesperson, there have been more hospital discharges than admissions nationwide but the hospitals in the north of Greece are still under a lot of pressure. "The extension of the current restrictive measures is judged to be imperative as the epidemiological burden is still at a high level. Public health and human lives remain the main priority," he said and stressed that, "We are proceeding very carefully and are waiting to see clear signs of de-escalation."

Vaccination to be made available simultaneously in all EU countries

With regard to the Covid vaccination Mr. Petsas said that we are proceeding towards final approval and the vaccines will be available here at the end of December or early January along with all the other countries in the EU in proportion to the size of the populations and at the same cost, part of which is covered by the EU.

He reiterated that the vaccination will be voluntary and free and that there will be a campaign to assure the public that it is safe and effective. Mr. Petsas added that there will be 1,018 vaccination centres throughout the country and the aim is to vaccinate nearly 2 million people every month. There will probably also be a vaccination campaign on a European level.

"Unsubstantiated conspiracy theories"

With regard to the data published by EODY, the Government Spokesperson said, "Over the last few days the national front that was established when the pandemic broke out has been the object of unsubstantiated conspiracy claims and the propagation of fake news." In response, he said, "Clear answers have come from the Government, EODY and top-level professors in defence of the truth."