Aegean Airlines - new direct European flights to Corfu in 2021


ATHENS. 33 new routes beginning in May 2021 - Corfu, Mykonos, Santorini, Heraklion and Thessaloniki - to kick off the new tourist season.

November / 2020

The direct connections to European cities is expected to give a boost to Corfu International Airport, offering more choices to travellers and elevating the island as a destination and a hub.

According to the airline network website, Corfu and Heraklion will get seven new routes apiece, Mykonos and Santorini eight each and Thessaloniki three. It is expected that competition will increase due to this move by Aegean.

27 routes will be served twice-weekly when they begin.  Some will become more frequent as competition and demand increase.

The new Aegean Airlines routes:

Corfu - London Gatwick from 1 May
Corfu - Lyon from 8 May
Corfu - Milan Malpensa from 4 June
Corfu - Moscow Domodedovo from 4 May
Corfu - Paris CDG from 2 May
Corfu - Rome Fiumicino from 4 June
Corfu - Venice from 3 June

Some of these markets have been served by Aegean in the past:

Corfu - Milan Malpensa (2012 - 13)
Corfu - Paris CDG (2015, 2020)
Corfu - Rome Fiumicino (2012 - 15)