Supermarkets allowed to sell only basic commodities

ATHENS. From Wednesday 11 November the sale of clothing & footwear, books, electronic equipment, carpeting & rugs, electrical appliances in supermarkets will be prohibited to prevent unfair competition.

November / 2020

A Joint Ministerial Decision has been published with a list of products which supermarkets will be prohibited from selling from tomorrow, Wednesday 11 November, until 30 November.

In order to prevent unfair competition, food shops, pharmacies and vehicle workshops are prohibited from selling products which are normally sold in shops which are closed during lockdown.

The sale of the following products is prohibited:

1. Computers, peripherals and software.
2. Telecommunications equipment
3. Audiovisual equipment.
4. Textile goods.
5. Carpets, rugs, flooring and wall coverings. Electrical household appliances.
6. Furniture, lighting and other household goods with exception of spart parts/replacements (e.g. lightbulbs). Household cleaning equipment - vacuum cleaners, brushes etc.
7. Books
8. Toys and games.
9. Clothing with the exception of tights.
10. Footwear and leather goods.

The full announcement can be seen here. (Greek)