Nationwide lockdown until 30 November - €800 furlough payments

ATHENS. Kindergartens, primary schools and special schools open - €800 furlough payments for November instead of €534 for those whose employment is suspended - 2-month extension for unemployment benefits - €400 payment to long-term unemployed.

November / 2020

The Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced that there will be a nationwide lockdown from 06:00 on Saturday until 30 November.

"The exponential growth in the number of cases obliges us to take measures immediately. I cannot take on the responsibility of putting human lives at risk. Our decisions are based on scientific data which is unequivocal," the Greek PM said.

Mr. Mitsotakis said that the lockdown "will be similar to that in March but not exactly the same." SMS will be needed in order to leave the house and supermarkets and pharmacies will be open.

He stressed, however, that the big difference from March is that kindergartens, primary schools and special schools will remain open. Junior high and high schools will be closed and there will be distance learning. The wearing of masks is mandatory for all movements.

Based on epidemiological data, he said that the exponential growth in the number of cases over the last five days leaves us with no alternative but to take this decision.

€800 benefit payment instead of €540 for those whose employment is suspended in November

With regard to economic measures he gave emphasis to the following three:

- All those whose employment is suspended in November will receive €800 instead of €534.
- A 2-month extension for all unemployment benefits.
- A one-off payment of €400 will be given to long-term unemployed.

Mr. Mitsotakis said that he had chosen a different way of communicating with the public with the presence of Prof. Sotiris Tsiodras to make it clear that the decisions are being guided by scientific data.

He underlined that, "we want the support of all citizens" and pointed out that the main emphasis is being given to scientific data, which should not be the subject of controversary. "Scientific data is not negotiable," he said.

At 15:00 there will be an announcement from the Finance Ministr Christos Staikouras regarding economic support measures and at 18:00 Civil Protection Deputy Minister Nikos Hardalias will present more details about the implementation of the measures coming into force early on Saturday morning.