Old walls cleaned and repaired to avoid accidents

CORFU. For safety reasons old walls that had swollen due to damp have been cleaned and repaired.

October / 2020

The old buildings have been standing proudly for centuries but deterioration and lack of maintenance can be seen clearly on a lot of them.

Things have started to become dangerous in several places in the old town, with plaster and pieces of walls frequently falling off - even in Liston - and it is just by good luck that nobody has been injured.

On Saturday morning the walls of a building in the Jewish Quarter - pieces of which had already begun to fall off - were cleaned and repaired on private initiative.

An articulated boom lift was used to clean and repair areas that were in danger of falling away at any time, especially now that winter is approaching and the weather worsening.

The building has an entrance to a private tutorial school (frontistirio) with children coming in and out every day so the owner took the initiative of cleaning up the areas that had swollen due to damp before any serious accidents could happen.

Photos / Video: Enimerosi