Corfu Old Town Trail a great success and enjoyed by all!

CORFU. Just under 250 runners took part in this year΄s successful Corfu Old Town Trail running 6.5km and 14km through the historical centre.

October / 2020

All those taking part, whether walking or running through the historical centre, thoroughly enjoyed this year's Corfu Old Town Trail organised by Central Corfu & Diapontia Islands Municipality, Corfu Mountain Trail and the local branch of the Hellenic Amateur Athletic Association (SEGAS).

Photo: Stamatis Katapodis

Photo: Stamatis Katapodis

Just under 250 people took part in the 14km and 6.5km routes - twice last year's number but less than there would have been if there hadn't been restrictions from the Sports General Secretariat due to Covid-19. Mayor Meropi Ydraiou - who took part in the walk - expressed her satisfaction at the end.

The swimming Olympic medallist Spyros Yianniotis was also present and spoke to camera just after the start.

Photo: Stamatis Katapodis

The event organisation, during the pandemic, was deemed to be a complete success and demonstrated that the aim of the local authority to make it an annual event with local and international participation can surely become a reality. This was also demonstrated by the enthusiastic support of local cultural, sports and voluntary groups.

Photo: Stamatis Katapodis

The results of the 14km and 6.5km runs are as follows:

Photo: Stamatis Katapodis

14km Men

1. Alexandros Benekos - 57:53
2. Angelos Bouhlianitis - 1:00:32
3. Simeon Matzavelas - 1:00:41

14km Women

1. Nikoletta Tzavara - 1:04:48
2. Marcella Van Hemert - 1:08:45
3. Irene Kontini - 1:13:55

6.5km Women

1. Lily Michala - 44:52
2. Irene Nikiforou - 44:56
3. Elena Karvounaki - 46:06

6.5km Men

1. Stamatis Tsirigakis - 35:15
2. Spyros Spatoulas - 35:20
3. Gerasimos Moschos & Tasos Kakos - 37:51

Photo: Stamatis Katapodis

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