Just under €400k for shelter for stray animals in Central Corfu Municipality

The animal shelter will be in Paleokastritsa (image not connected to proposed shelter)

CORFU. Funding from the ΄Philodimos΄ Programme - Deputy Mayor:"This kind of shelter is the sign of a civilised society".

October / 2020

The construction and equipping of a Municipal shelter for stray animals has been included in the 'Philodimos' Programme.

Press Release from Central Corfu & Diapontia Islands Municipality:

"The budget for the project is €372,000 and the Central Corfu & Diapontia Islands Municipality will be responsible for its completion.

The long-standing demand from Corfu society that there be a public shelter for stray animals is now being met.

There were coordinated efforts under the Programme's tight time constraints by the Municipal Technical Works Department, the Planning Office and the Culture Department in order to get to this point where the project has been approved.

The necessary procedures are now already underway."

Deputy Mayor Panayiota Tzanne: "This kind of shelter is the sign of a civilised society".

The Deputy Mayor for Digital Governance & Planning Panayiota Tzanne told Enimerosi  that the local authority is extremely pleased that the project has been included in the 'Philodimos' Programme. It was Ms. Tzanne who signed the acceptance of the funding from the Ministry of the Interior.

"It is the sign of a civilised society to have well-organised and equipped premises to accommodate all the stray animals and provide the necessary care and treatment, which is why we are especially pleased that Corfu will finally have this kind of shelter," she told Enimerosi. "It was, in any case, a long-standing demand from the people of Corfu."

"The shelter will be able to shelter up to around 40 animals," Ms. Tzanne added. "The animals will be examined and receive all necessary medical treatment. They will be sterilised and, if noone is found to adopt them, set free.

I would like to stress that we will do whatever we can to try and have the animals adopted."

The new shelter will be located in the Paleokastritsa district, near the Municipal boundary and will not be near to residential areas.