Everything ready for the 8th Korissos run on sand

CORFU. This year΄s run on sand in Issos, South Corfu takes place on Saturday 12 September at 17:00.

September / 2020

Everything is ready for the 8th Korissos run on sand - 7km for adults and 1,200m for primary school pupils - taking place in Issos. The run goes through Isoos and other coastal areas on Saturday 12 September at 17:00 and is open to both club and individual runners.

The President of Korissos Environmental, Cultural & Sport Society - the main organiser of the event - Nikos Perros says: "The run on sand is being organised for the 8th year under extraordinary circumstances. This event, which, due to its nature, is both innovative and symbolic, declares that Issos' present and future depend on us."

He adds, "All the measures and health protocols to prevent the spread of COVID-19 are being observed and we call on all participants to adhere to them.

"All those involved in the event organisation - volunteers, secretarial staff, timekeepers - will be wearing masks which are both aesthetically pleasing and functional and will be available for all.

We also encouraged participants to register online before the event and proper distancing will be observed for those queuing to register on the day.

The start of the race, depending on the numbers taking part, will be staggered so as to avoid large numbers of people.

We will all be wearing masks and observing proper distancing. Members of the Red Cross will be taking everybody's temperatures and the secretarial staff are obliged to record the names of the runners and issue numbers.

We hope that with everyone's cooperation we will have a wonderful event without incident."

Mr. Perros thanked the Ionian Islands Regional Administration and South Corfu Municipality for their support as well as the Red Cross, the Hellenic Rescue Team, 'Alexandros Mastoras' Clinic and pulmonologist Dr. Alexandros Kavadias.

Co-organisers of the run are Corfu 'Victor' Union of Former Athletes (SEVAS), Corfu Gymnastics Association, the Corfu branch of the National Youth Committee (ESYN), Corfu Hospital Psychiatric Centre drug rehabilitation programme, 'Laodamas' and the Corfu branch of the Panhellenic Union of Physical Education Graduates (PEPFA).

The following are supporters of the event: Vassilis Kaloudis (Lord Travel), Apollon Palace, Haris Afthinos (Real Price supermarket supplies) and Spyros Tsirigakis and Christina Kaloudi from Herbalife.

The event is also supported by cultural and sport organisations, workers' organisations and most of the local community presidents in South Corfu.