Concert in aid of Mary Kastamoniti at Mon Repos on Sunday 13 September

CORFU. A concert in aid of Mary Kastamoniti is being held at the open-air ΄Rena Vlachopoulou΄ Mon Repos Theatre on Sunday 13 September.

September / 2020

Mary has been diagnosed with an extremely aggressive and rare form of cancer which requires immediate surgery followed by special radiotherapy.

Unfortunately, no public hospitals can carry out the operation and the only option is the only private clinic which can do the operation - which greatly increases the expenses for the operation and hospitalisation.

At this difficult time she can only be helped by our practical support!

The concert is an opportunity for the public to contribute, as much as they can, in the secure contributions box at the entrance to the theatre.

The following will be taking part in the concert:

Sedate Illusion, The Ricci Project, The BlackStrat Band along with Pantelis Kontos and Alkaios Peroulis.

Sound & Lighting: Antonis Hondroyiannis

Sunday 13 September

All the necessary health measures will be observed and wearing of a mask is mandatory.

Supported by Corfu Regional Theatre.