Additional restrictive measures in Chania for 7 days

ATHENS. The decision comes following a meeting at the Civil Protection Operations Centre, based on the latest epidemiological data.

August / 2020

The decision of the Civil Protection General Secretary Vassilis Papagiorgiou was taken on the recommendation of Ministry of Health Expert Committee for coronavirus The order was given by Civil Protection Deputy Minister Nikos Hardalias in order to deal with the serious risk to public health and prevent the spread of COVID-19. The additional measures for Chania are as follows:

- All events such as live parties, traditional fairs, litanies and processions, open-air markets etc. are suspended.

- All gatherings of more than 9 people for whatever reason, in public or private spaces, are prohibited.

- The maximum number of people allowed at a table in catering establishments is 4 unless it is immediate family, in which case 6 are allowed.

- Masks are mandatory both outdoors and indoors.

Catering establishments are already prohibited from remaining open between midnight and 7a.m.

In collaboration with the Finance Ministry, work contracts at affected businesses may be suspended.

These measures will be in force for 7 days from 06:00 on Tuesday 25 August until 06:00 on Tuesday 1 September.