Sotiris Tsiodras: 121 new cases of coronavirus in Greece today and no deaths

ATHENS. Professor Tsiodras, who returned to give the latest update due to the recent spike, said that the R Number has to remain below 1.

August / 2020

Professor Tsiodras said that there is a danger of a new wave in Greece. He referred to the increase in both domestic and imported cases and pointed out that there were 113 new cases in Attica between 31/7 and 2/8, of which only 10% were imported.

A new factor is the younger age groups that are being affected and there is an increase in transmission in catering establishments, bars and social gatherings.

As yet we don't know the long-term effects of the virus on our health.

Corfu Hospital Director Leonidas Roubatis is in Athens at the moment to attend a Ministry of Health meeting.