Ionian Islands Regional Administration update: 19 coronavirus cases in Corfu to date

CORFU. There will be weekly local coronavirus updates every Friday - Since 23 June thare have been 43 cases of COVID-19 in the Ionian Islands.

July / 2020

For the first time since the reopening of tourism in Greece there has been an official update on the coronavirus pandemic on a local level (Ionian Islands).

The Ionian Islands Regional Administration has published an update with the data up to now and announced that it will be providing weekly updates every Friday.

Public update on the coronavirus pandemic and the implementation of measures

The fight against coronavirus is ongoing and there needs to be public, commercial and organisational awareness of the situation.

Updates from the Civil Protection General Secretariat are for the country as a whole and are the only source for official information. Ionian Islands residents want information about the coronavirus crisis as it affects our own communities.

For this reason the Ionian Islands Regional Administration will be issuing weekly updates every Friday with data from the EODY Directorate of Epidemiological Surveillance and Intervention for Infectious Diseases.

We would like to remind you of the following:

- Proper information and prevention are our 'weapons' in the fight against coronavirus.
- The less we move around, the fewer cases there will be.
- Take special care of those around you who belong to vulnerable groups.
- The fewer cases there are, the higher the possibility to effectively deal with the virus.
- Implement the protective measures and adhere to the hygiene protocols.
-  Proper use of masks, which are mandatory in public transport, taxis, hospitals, surgeries, diagnostic centres, beauty salons, supermarkets, boats and aeroplanes.

If symptoms of respiratory infection appear (e.g. fever, cough, sore throat, difficulty in breathing), call a doctor or EODY (1135 / 210 5212 054) immediately for advice.

EODY update on coronavirus cases in the Ionian Islands Region

According to the EODY Directorate of Epidemiological Surveillance and Intervention for Infectious Diseases, the current situation is as follows:

Total number of cases since 23 June: 43 (21 males, 22 females)

Corfu - 19
Zakynthos - 9
Lefkada - 14
Cephalonia - 1

Average age: 38

17 are from arrivals at Promahonas, 7 from flight arrivals, 4 were detected at hotels and 10 are imported without information on where.

3 cases are hospitalised in Corfu General Hospital and 1 case has been discharged following hospitalisation in the ICU at Rio Hospital.

For all the cases contact tracing has either been completed or is in progress and guidelines from the Civil Protection General Secretariat have been issued to contacts.

There are quarantine hotels operating on each island and EODY guidelines are implemented in the transfer and accommodation of cases.

Checks on the implementation of prevention and hygiene measures against coronavirus


On 22 July a team from the Development Ministry Trade Department and Corfu Police carried out inspections of catering establishments in Dassia and Ipsos where they found no serious violations. Strict recommendations were given.