Masks mandatory for everyone in supermarkets from today

ATHENS. Following a Government decision, masks are now mandatory in supermarkets for employees and customers. €150 fine for violations.

July / 2020

From today, Saturday 18 July, masks are compulsory in supermarkets - for customers and employees. The General Secretary for Trade & Consumers Panayiotis Stamboulidis posted the decision on Twitter.

In his post, Mr. Stamboulidis said, "Following the decision of the National Committee for the Protection of Public Health against COVID-19, from tomorrow (Saturday) the use of face masks by employees and customers in supermarkets is compulsory."

Given that the daily figures for new cases are in two digits and that the adherence to the coronavirus measures has become more lax, it was expected that there would be a return to the mandatory use of masks in supermarkets from Monday or Tuesday. However, it seems that it was brought forward as there a lot of people who do their shopping at the weekend.

There is evident concern from the experts regarding the risk of the situation worsening again and infectious disease experts have been pressing recently for the use of masks to become compulsory in enclosed spaces at the very least.

Contacts at the Ministry of Development say that the decision was necessary following the increase in the number of coronavirus cases, especially in the Attica region.

The fine for non-use of a mask by employees and customers is 150 Euros - in the case of employees it is payable by the employer.