Who we are

Cope with COVID-19

April / 2020

When the internet first appeared along with online communication applications Enimerosi Publications was one of the first three Corfu URLs.
Enimerosi Publications was founded in 1983 and initially published the weekly Corfu Enimerosi. Since then it has been involved in mass communication in the region with Corfu being the geographical crossroads between five countries: Greece, Italy, Albania, Serbia and Montenegro and three Greek regions: Ionian Islands, Epirus and Peloponnese.
Today it publishes the Daily Enimerosi, a daily newspaper which is a member of the Daily Regional Newspapers’ Association(DRNA). Enimerosi.com is published in two languages – Greek and English – supported by two separate editorial teams, one for each language. It has a social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube with separate Greek and English accounts.
It has Alexa ranking in Greece and Serbia and, according to Google Analytics, is visited daily by readers from most countries in the world.
Communication applications during coronavirus
The appearance and threat of COVID-19 in the region and the lockdown measures that followed have changed our communication priorities. We now have a Health section on enimerosi.com and have changed the category hierarchy on the site map. Health is now above Politics, Sport and Culture on the site and our social media accounts. In this way we are helping to provide essential mass communication and information which have taken on such great significance at this time of lockdowns and quarantine. Readers immediately responded to our new priorities and visits have doubled – thus increasing the responsibility we bear in our efforts.