Corfiots have paid over 100,000 Euros in lockdown fines

Photo: Enimerosi archives

CORFU. With an average of 87 lockdown violations a day Corfu is ΄light years΄ ahead of the other Ionian Islands.

March / 2020

After the first week of lockdown measures the figure for violations in Corfu is especially high.

According to Ionian Islands Regional Police data, from Monday 23rd to Monday 30th March there have been 697 confirmed violations on the island. This works out as 87 a day on average - extremely high compared to 55 in Lefkada, 48 in Zakynthos and 46 in Cephalonia in total over the whole period.

In other words, the daily average in Corfu is almost double that of the total figure for each of the other islands in the region.

The money from these fines is earmarked for the National Health Service and so, by doing a quick calculation, people in Corfu have contributed the healthy sum of 104,550 Euros over the first eight days.