Ministry of Tourism sets up Crisis Management Committee for coronavirus

Archive photo: Theoharis - Tourism Minister & Gerekou - NGTO

ATHENS. The Ministry of Tourism has set up a Crisis Management Committee for coronavirus.

March / 2020

The Committee will, firstly, keep the tourist market updated on all the latest developments.

Secondly, it will draw up an organisational plan within the Ministry to allow it to continue operating seamlessly. Thirdly, it will work on measures to stimulate the market both on a short-term and long-term basis (taking on board recommendations from organisations such as SETE).

Fourthly, it is planning a campaign to promote the country as a safe destination when it is considered a good time to do so. Fifthly, the committee is working to make up the lost ground in international markets. Finally, it will implement initiatives to deal with the consequences of coronavirus in a coordinated way on European and global levels.

There will an Open Line with the Ministry of Tourism for tourist organisations, businesses and market representatives to handle any issues that may arise.

Phone numbers:

210 3736198 / 3736079 / 3736308 / 3736170 / 3736390 / 3736374 / 3736378 / 3736390

On the Ministry website there are also guidelines for travellers from the National Public Health Organisation (EODY).