New caving expeditions in Corfu with Dutch speleologist René van Vliet

CORFU. In the summer of 2018 with the help of many Corfiots Dutch speleologist René van Vliet was able to visit many caves.

March / 2019

The results of previous speleological expeditions, including photographs, videos and information (in English), have been published on the website of Speleo Corfu (

René van Vliet says, "So far, I collected information about 178 caves, that means: caves (‘spilies’), deep openings in rocky terrains (‘barathra’) and cellars (‘kaves’). At the moment 108 caves are under consideration!

Finding caves in Corfu is not so easy. There is almost no trail left anymore. Quite large caves that have been known from the past are covered with dense vegetation! I need the help of the villagers to explore those caves, for example in the beautiful village of Sokraki.

For sure there are two vertical and five horizontal caves in Sokraki. Unfortunately, the paths there will be covered with vegetation. As you can understand, I asked the president of the village for help with cleaning up. It is important to keep access to the old caves!

During the next expeditions I will look again for cave stories like myths, legends, stories about dragons and ghosts. Unique stories to preserve for the future. Also there will be much attention to the cave environment. The caves have a rich but also vulnerable flora and fauna."

If you have any information about a (small or large) cave or if you know a story about a cave, you can send an email (in Greek or English) to [email protected] or a message on Facebook to René van Vliet.

René would like to ask your help with finding several caves. If you know caves in the village of Agios Markos, Agios Panteleimonas, Analipsi, Ano Korakiana, Drosato, (Kologritsa) in Pagi, Kato Korakiana, Sgourades or Valanio, please send him an email.

The new speleological expeditions in Corfu will take place from April 16 to May 1, 2019.