White Corfu - even in town!

CORFU. Civil Protection Service in readiness.

January / 2019

Since early this morning large parts of the island - and not only the higher altitudes - have been covered in snow. Even the centre of Corfu Town had hail and snow - a rare phenomenon!

The social media are full of photos and videos of beautiful snow-covered landscapes and enthusiastic comments about scenes rarely seen in Corfu. Fortunately, there haven't been any problems on the roads although the Civil Protection service is in complete readiness for any problems that may occur. Deputy Regional Governor Nikoletta Pandi, who is head of the Civil Protection service for Corfu told Enimerosi that there already three road-clearing crews stationed in the areas around Mt. Pantokrator with 15 tons of salt - and another 15 tons have been ordered.

Nevertheless, members of the public need to be extremely careful. "Everyone needs to take extreme care in these conditions. I understand that a lot of people will want to take their children to play in the snow but they need to be very careful. They need to make sure that their car tyres are in good condition, with chains if necessary, and to heed any advice from the Civil Protection service."

See a video here from snow-covered Laski (video FB  Alyson Deleglise Jenkins)

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