The Municipality will be responsible for mixed waste and private contractors for recyclable materials.

Nikolouzos and Aspiotis sitting next to each other, which perhaps lends weight to unconfirmed information that Aspiotis won’t resign as President of SYDISA

CORFU. The plan for refuse collection was urgently revised. We are in the Nikolouzos era - this local authority΄s final term.

July / 2018

It took a full day with complex procedures and at least two urgent meetings of the Town Council to bring in a new period of refuse collection. Normally these procedures require one council meeting to get approval for the revised plan. It then goes to the Finance Committee where the costs and the revised municipal budget are examined before coming back to a council meeting for final approval. All of these procedures would be of no particular interest to most people if it weren't for the fact that in this particular instance they relate to the rubbish - which has been such a major issue for the island over the last few months.

The approved decision, which applies to the this local authority's final term, separates the collection of mixed waste from that of recyclable materials. Nikolouzos had already decided to take on the responsibility for waste management himself and now the Municipal Cleansing Services will have complete responsibility for mixed waste in all the districts. To ensure that this is achieved, the council decided to reinforce the Cleansing Services with more personnel on temporary contracts and to lease more refuse trucks and lorries.

The collection of recyclable material - and only that - in all the districts will be outsourced to contractors. Invitations for tender will go out as soon as possible once the decison has been finalised but in any case before 10 August, when the present contract for the collection of recyclable materials runs out. It is hoped that the amount of recyclable materials collected will increase in this way (and let's not forget that their final destination is away from Corfu) and that the amount of waste going to the SYDISA facilities in Corfu will steadily decrease. The Council also decided that the Cleansing Services should once again be responsible for refuse collection from the Diapontia Islands.

The intense atmosphere at yesterday afternoon's meeting was due to the reactions of Ms. Ydraiou and Mr. Trepekli as well as the independent councillors Gousi and Vlachou (formerly with the majority party) against inclusion of matters in the agenda which weren't related to the emergency revision of the waste collection plan. Mr. Haralambous and his party didn't attend the meeting as the subject of the MAT being withdrawn from Lefkimmi wasn't included in the agenda as they had requested.

The meetings finally took place in the evening when the majority party plus Ms. Ydraiou's party made up the requisite majority to approve the revision, which will be borne by the municipal budget, as well as the funding of supplementary actions related to waste management. It was also decided that the Municipality should participate in the school buildings energy upgrade programme, for which the deadline for applications runs out in a few days.