Hoteliers preparing new campaign to repair Corfu΄s (rubbish) image

Sunset in Halikouna - the only aroma is from the sea and our hopes

CORFU. Hoteliers (along with others) remain extremely concerned about the refuse situation. In a statement they request an immediate solution to the problem and are preparing a campaign to repair the image that has been created.

July / 2018

The Hoteliers' Association is calling on all concerned bodies - the Solid Waste Management Association (SYDISA), the Municipality, Ionian Islands Regional Administration, MPs ad the relevant Ministries - to find an immediate solution to the refuse and waste management problem in Corfu.

There is no excuse for the situation that the destination of Corfu finds itself in. The damage that has been done is harming our tourist product and will harm it for the coming decade.

Enough is enough - we can no longer put up with this mockery.

In an effort to repair Corfu's tragic image the Hoteliers' Association is taking the initiative together with Marketing Greece to create an international marketing campaign.

We are calling on the local community and businesses to contribute to this effort by sharing it on social media.