Corfu Mayor: There is no alternative to Lefkimmi landfill – I ask for the public’s understanding

CORFU. “We now have our second hand tied behind our back regarding waste management,” said Mayor Kostas Nikolouzos when commenting on the court verdict.

May / 2018

He made it clear that he didn’t have any aces up his sleeve – the plan is for waste baling to happen at Temploni and the bales to be transported to Lefkimmi landfill. In his press conference today he told the local media that, despite the repeated efforts of the local authority, the Ministry for the Interior has categorically rejected the proposal to transport the waste away from the island.

Planned schedule

According to the planned schedule, the contractor will have started operating the baling unit at Temploni by Friday and the removal of the bales from the site will also have begun. The Ministry for the Interior has promised that it will give its temporary approval so that a licence can be granted to deposit the waste bales at the Lefkimmi facility, despite the difficulties and problems that exist.

He asked for the public’s forbearance and cooperation in order to resolve the situation in Corfu and return to normality as quickly as possible. 

Regarding the court verdict finding him and the Deputy Mayor for Cleansing guilty of attempting to damage the environment, he remarked on the speed with which the judicial authorities had acted to hinder the efforts of the Mayor and Deputy Mayor to find a solution. He added that he hadn’t seen the same speedy efficiency in dealing with other similar cases of damage to public property.

Spraying to protect public health

Mr. Nikolouzos said that in order to tackle the dangers to public health, within the next few hours spraying and extermination services would begin at spots where large amounts of rubbish have piled up.