Health Minister presents details regarding new measures and restrictions

Health Minister presents details regarding new measures and restrictions

ATHENS. Health Minister Thanos Plevris today presented specific details of the restrictions for unvaccinated people that will be in force over the next two months.

Νοεμβρίου / 2021

"The economy and society will not close down again," the Health Minister said. "The new measures are not aimed at limiting movement - just those who have chosen not to get vaccinated. The National Health System is under pressure, but it can bear it and is being reinforced." Mr. Plevris added, "Over 85% of those hospitalised in ICUs or die are unvaccinated. The number of ICU beds has been doubled and there are 12,000 personnel."

Requisitioning of doctors

He said that doctors will be requisitioned and that they have also come to an agreement with the private sector in Attica. "The requisitioning of doctors is a necessary measure," the Minister said. "In the areas under pressure we will need 80 doctors."

With regard to vaccinations, he said that at the moment over 900,000 have been made. 75% of the adult population has had the first shot and 65% of the general population.

Mr. Plevris said that there are three categories of public venues under the new system:

1. Essential outlets like pharmacies, supermarkets and other food stores that are open to everyone regardless of vaccination status.

2. Open-air cafes and bars, workplaces - where there will be staggered shifts starting between 07:00 and 09:300 -  places of worship, retail stores, hair and beauty salons, where the unvaccinated must show a valid certificate of recovery from Covid-19 or a recent negative PCR or rapid test.

3. Indoor entertainment and leisure venues like restaurants, museums, theatres, cinemas and gyms, where admission is restricted exclusively to patrons with a valid vaccination or recovery certificate and ID.

Minors who cannot be vaccinated will be allowed with a negative self test.


The Minister said that booster shots are necessary and will be mandatory for the over-60s.

From 13 December, for someone to be considered fully-vaccinated they must have had the booster shot. This should be taken after 6 months, but there will be a deadline of 7 months, after which the vaccination certificate will not be valid.

Work is proceeding on the inclusion of the third shot in the European certificate.

With regard to the pills being developed for coronavirus, Mr. Plevris said, "We will obtain whatever is approved." He said that in November they hoped to receive 10,000 of these, which have been ordered. He clarified, however, that these will be for specific categories of people, such as those who cannot develop antibodies.

Where unvaccinated people will be barred

From Monday those who are unvaccinated will not be allowed entry - not even with a negative rapid test - to the following:

- Indoor catering establishments
- Theatres
- Cinemas
- Museums
- Exhibitions
- Conferences & meetings
- Gyms
- Sports venues

They will be allowed in the following, with negative rapid tests:

- Inter-municipal public transport
- Educational institutes
- Workplace (public and private sector)
- Places of worship
- Retail shops
- Hair salons
- Outdoor catering establishments

The following will be allowed without a negative rapid test:

- Food outlets (supermarket, butchers, fishmongers, bakers, open-air market, sweet shops etc.)
- Pharmacies
- Urban public transport

Table of new measures