School sit-ins coming to an end

School sit-ins coming to an end

CORFU. Vandalism at the 2nd High School again - Broken windows at the 1st Vocational High School.

Οκτωβρίου / 2021

School sit-ins are coming to an end in Corfu after a week of protests. They have ended at the 1st, 2nd and 4th High Schools and the 1st Vocational High School. The 5th High School, which was closed due to the fact that it is in the same building as the 1st Vocational, has also now reopened.

The sit-in at the 2nd Vocational High School, however, is continuing and there is a new sit-in at the 3rd High School, which had ended the previous one on Friday.

Cleaning and disinfection

According to the Ionian Islands Regional Education Department, the 1st and 2nd High Schools are being cleaned and disinfected today so that they can reopen for lessons tomorrow.


Lessons began today, however, for pupils at the 4th High School as the sit-in ended on Saturday afternoon and there was time to prepare the school and no damage had been done. Lessons also began today at the 5th High School and the 1st Vocational High School.

Vandalism at the 2nd High School

An assessment of damage is being carried out. There was vandalism again at the 2nd High School where, along with other schools, there had been a sit-in since 28 September.

On Sunday night the school informed parents of the damage that has been done:

- A door on the 1st floor has been destroyed.
- The teachers' office cannot be used as two dry powder fire extinguishers have been emptied.
- Desks and chairs from three classrooms were taken out into the schoolyard and several of them broken.
- There is fire extinguisher powder in the 1st floor corridor.
- Obscenities have been written on doors and blackboards in several classrooms.
- The net in the schoolyard has been torn.

The school administration added: "We had been expecting to reopen the school on Monday but a group of pupils seem determined to continue the sit-in. We would like to ask ALL parents to help in any way they can to allow the school to reopen as soon as possible."

Broken windows

According to the school administration at the 1st Vocational High School, although lessons have resumed today, there has been a lot of damage done in the amphitheatre - mainly broken windows.

For the schools where sit-ins are still being held, lessons are being conducted online on the webex platform.