Erimitis Plus Association: "The investment is just hot air"

Erimitis Plus Association:

CORFU. The ΄Erimitis Plus΄ Association will be taking further legal action against NCH Capital and its investment in Erimitis.

Ιουλίου / 2020

Erimitis Plus held a press conference today ahead of the Prime Minister's visit to the island with his team and the 'launch' of construction work in Erimitis.

The President of the Association Dimitris Fatiras called on everyone to come to the protest demonstration at 17:00 on Saturday at the Olive Press in Sinies. He was followed by member Lambros Dousikos, who presented the next steps to be taken by the movement. "The Association is going to file a lawsuit against New Corfu Property Investments, the Environmental Licensing Department of the Ministry of Environment and other responsible parties for fraud against the Greek State and Ministers and for violation of environmental legislation.

We are also going to take recourse to the Council of State for the fiasco of the land elevation study and the exclusion of the Forestry Service." Lambros Dousikos said that they were going to make it known to the investors throughout Greece that the company is "just selling hot air".

"We can prove that everything they are doing is illegal. They may be in a strong position because they have Ministers and the Government on their side but the battle is now moving to a different level."

Mr. Dousikos talked of illegal sitings and illegal amendments to the Environmental Impact Study. "They want to sell construction land without guaranteeing sewage or water supply because they don't have enough space for all the basic facilities. They have arranged for the Forestry Service to be completely excluded from the investment. The document signed by Mr. Famelos essentially said two things: 1) the investors don't need the TAIPED property to complete road surveys and 2) the roads are outwith the remit of the Forestry Service."

"Furthermore, they have exceeded the plot ratio and the elevation study, which was finally approved through the intervention of the Environment Minister, cannot be implemented. For all these reasons, in our view, the planning permission cannot proceed," added Mr. Dousikos.