΄Capodistrias΄ Philharmonic Society concert:"Music Tells a Story"

CORFU. Concert with music for solo flute and flute and piano.

September / 2019

'Capodistrias' Philharmonic Society hall
Saturday 14 September

"Music Tells a Story"

The human soul, religion, political concerns, the myths and fairy tales of different cultures are often the catalyst for musical creativity. The works performed in this concert, coming from the repertoire of different musical periods (Baroque, Romanticism, Contemporary), have a story to tell!


G.P. Telemann - Fantasy for solo flute in G Minor
J. Novák - Prelude and Fugue in C Major for solo flute
A. Jolivet - Chant de Linos for flute and piano
I. Yun - Study No. 5 Allegretto for solo flute
C. Reinecke - Undine, Sonata for flute and piano, Op.167

Sophia Alifieraki - Flute
Daniela Baumann - Piano

Tickets - 5 Euros