Results from the medical examination regarding the alleged police beating inconclusive

CORFU. The physical injuries were confirmed but there is no evidence to link them with the police officer.

October / 2018

The incident occurred on Tuesday night without there having been any clashes between police and protestors. The Lefkimmi resident pressed charges against the police officer for an unprovoked attack and bodily harm. He was taken to Lefkimmi Health Centre and posted a photo on social media.

The medical examination of both the resident and the police officer which was ordered didn't provide conclusive proof of the beating. According to forensic sources, a physical attack usually leaves traces on both the victim and the attacker. The Lefkimmi resident has physical injuries, mainly to the face but also to the ribs, but the evidence doesn't prove there was a heavy beating and there wasn't the slightest trace on the police officer to show that he had been involved in an attack.

It is up to the Prosecutor how the matter will proceed, based on the medical examinations and the statements given.

The police officer also pressed charges against the Lefkimmi resident on the following day - for perjury, false accusations and slander. Both of them were formally detained, made their statements and were then released on the orders of the Prosecutor.