Two young Corfu athletes ready to ΄go into battle΄ at the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires

BUENOS AIRES. The two young Corfu girls are in Argentina taking part in the Youth Olympic Games which have already begun.

October / 2018

Spyridoula Karydi and Panayiota Dosi are representing Greece along with 11 other youngsters. There coach Pavlos Skordilis is also with them.

The competition is a little different in that the girls will perform in two rounds with four attempts in each. The two best results in each round will be taken and put together to make up their total.

Panayiota Dosi in the high jump will compete first. Her first round is on Friday at 16:45 (22:45 Greek time) and the second on Monday 15th. Spyridoula Karydi has her first round on Saturday 13th and the second on Tuesday 16th.

Both girls are considered to have very good chances of doing well.