Ionian Islands Regional Council says ΄Yes΄ to plans for Skorpios island but with conditions

ARGOSTOLI. The Regional Council once again discussed the Environmental Impact Study for the investment in and construction and operation of a VIP Exclusive Club luxury tourist unit on the island of Skorpios.

October / 2018

The matter came to the Council for a second time as the first time there wasn't a quorum for a decision to be taken.

There was a positive response from the Regional Council at the meeting in Argostoli but with conditions. Amongst those conditions are the lifting of the ban on sailing and free and unhindered access to the island's beaches - issues about which there has been serious concern in public opinion.

The five conditions are as follows:

1. Protection of the Natura elements on land and at sea and strict application of the conditions and limits set out in the decision of the Deputy Regional Governor for Lefkada 2/11/17.

2. A recommended plot ratio of 0.03, as set out in Meganisi Municipality Open City Spatial and Housing Organisation Plan proposal, based on non-forestry areas.

3. Abolition of all decisions which restrict free sailing in the area and especially the Lefkada Port Authority decision of 8/9/15.

4. Guarantee of free and unhindered access to the island's beaches which are public property. This will be mentioned explicitly in all of the approvals related to the project.

5. The opinions of the Achelos Estuary and Messolonghi Lagoon Management Body on the project as a whole and the Hellenic Ornithological Society on the protection of birds.

The approval of the Regional Council is based on the following:

- The approval of the Regional Services in Lefkada of the Environmental Impact Study for the Strategic Investment Planning provided all the environmental regulations are observed.
- The Regional Principles for the natural and man-made environment as well as protection and respect for the rights of workers and the public in general.
- The prerequisite that biodiversity is conserved due to it being a Natura 2000 area.
- Skorpios to be included in the category 'Small islands with developmental problems'  and a land unit with moderate development and special alternative forms of tourism.
- Observation of labour laws, especially those regarding the employment of foreign nationals.