International journalistic interest in the 2nd Corfu Tourism Conference

Donata Marrazzo and Kostas Argyros will be at the 2nd Corfu Tourism Conference αειforum

CORFU. Journalists have shown interest in the 2nd Corfu Tourism Conference αειforum taking place at the Ionian Academy 19 - 21 October.

October / 2018

The conference session on the 'over-tourism' phenomenon, as experienced by the most popular Mediterranean destinations, has attracted the attention of the ERT1 TV programme 'Citizens of Europe' (X-28europe) with Kostas Argyros. Representatives of local authorities and historical organizations from Mediterranean towns will be in Corfu for their own conference on the same days and in conjunction with the αειforum and the producers of the TV programme have seen it as an excellent opportunity for them.

Donata Marrazzo, from a major Italian financial newspaper, has also said that she likes the 'chemistry' of the Corfu conference and will be coming to the island. She worked for a long time with Unità and Diario, owned by Enrico Deaglio, and then at ApBscom with Lucia Annunziata. Since 2007 she has written for Il Sole 24 Ore about Culture, Business and Food Economy. She founded and manages the digital editory Calabria Cult. She is an expert in online writing and runs a storytelling workshop at the business school Il Sole 24 Ore.