Chinese thinking about doing a reality show in Corfu!

CORFU. A Chinese delegation met with Corfu Mayor Kostas Nikolouzos in the Old Town Hall this afternoon as part of a collaboration between the Municipality and the Ministry of Tourism.

July / 2018

The delegation was led by Ms Peng Qing, an executive from China's largest television network Central China TV.

The object of the meeting was to look at the possibility of filming one of the best known reality shows in China in Corfu with the cooperation of the Municipality. The show has already been filmed in other large European cities.

Well-known Chinese actors and singers take part in the show along with their families and through their holiday experiences promote each of the destinations they visit.

The Mayor told them of the relations that have been developed and the Protocols for Collaboration that the Municipality has signed with Chinese cities and the Chinese said that they had chosen Corfu for its multi-cultural heritage and natural beauty.

If the project goes ahead, filming will begin in autumn.

Deputy Mayor for Tourism Vassilis Kavadias and Town Councillor Manos Raptis were also present at the meeting.