Ambulance has to get past obstacles to reach the centre of the old town.

CORFU. Fortunately, there was no loss of life when an ambulance was delayed in reaching the centre of Corfu Old Town.

July / 2018

Members of the public who witnessed the incident were quick to post their comments and complaints on social media.

The ambulance was called out when someone fainted in Pinia, in the heart of the historical centre. With a police escort it attempted to get through the pedestrianized area, coming up against bollards as well as tables and chairs which have, yet again this year, taken up the space for pedestrians.

Despite the Municipality's claims that it will demarcate the areas allowed for local businesses and even though there have been occasional efforts to clamp down on offenders, it seems that nothing has changed. The Deputy Mayor for Business and Trade Aris Balis told ERT Corfu that the Municipal Police doesn't have enough personnel to inspect and control the tables and chairs.

Despite the difficulties and the delay, the 67-year-old man who had fainted was taken to Corfu General Hospital, where it was determined that there was no sesrious problem. This time the delay didn't have serious consequences - but what about future incidents?