Serbs returning to Corfu for 100th anniversary

Serbian army camp on Vidos Island in 1916. Pantokrator can be seen in the background

CORFU. Corfu - ΄Crf΄ as it is called in Serbian (minus the vowels)- is deeply ingrained in the consciousness of the Serbs, formerly Yugoslavians, as one of the birthplaces of their modern state.

July / 2018

A state which required the outbreak of the First World War to break away from Austrian control, to transform itself into a popular army and resurrect itself in Corfu prior to the year of salvation, 1918, when Yugoslavia was finally founded.

Corfu at the heart of things

To mark the 100th anniversary, events will be held in September with the splendour and passion of all Serbian national celebrations. Corfu will, naturally, be part of the celebrations. The Greek Ministry of Culture is including an event 'The Serbs in Corfu heritage' as part of the European Year of Culture, which has special significance not only for the Serbs but also for the bi-lateral relations and Corfu's key role.

A film will be made based on the historical novel 'King Petar's Socks' ** written by Milovan Vitezovic, with filming beginning this summer. To this end, a team of Serbian artists is expected in Corfu in the next few days.

Another event involving Corfu for the European Year of Culture is the 'suitcase museum' - a suitcase containing findings, memorabilia and references to the first Governor of Modern Greece and the Capodistrias Museum. This innovative 'suitcase' will travel throughout Greece promoting Corfu and the Capodistrias Museum.

** In 1915 the Serbian army retreats under pressure from the enemy. The popular King Petros Karagiorgevic shares his passion with the people. A Serbian woman searches for her only son - a soldier - throughout Serbia and comes across the King.