Summer sales begin on Monday 9th July

CORFU. The Association of Business and Retail Sales of Greece (HRBA) has announced that summer sales will commence this coming Monday 9th July and continue until Friday 31st August.

July / 2018

On Sunday 15th July shops throughout Greece will be open from 11:00 - 20:00.

The Association said that during the sales period retail businesses will be offering extremely attractive prices for a large range of their products.

During the sales, apart from the showing the normal price and the new reduced price for products and services, businesses can also indicate the discount percentage.

If a business has discounts on over 60% of its goods and services, it is obliged to display the percentage of the discount at the entrance to the shop, If there are different percentages for different categories of products, then it must display the range ('from _ % to _%'). In all other cases it must state that the discounts apply to selected products and display the percentage.

Finally, it should be said that it is optional for shops to open on the first Sunday of the sales period - i.e. Sunday 15th July. The opening hours for this particular Sunday are from 11:00 to. 20:00.