Vandalism in the Upper Square: Not the first time and (probably) not the last!

CORFU. One of the street lamps in the Upper Square near the fountain has been knocked down.

July / 2018

Whether it happened due to old age or was an act of vandalism is not yet known. There are clear signs that the base of the street lamp has become corroded over time.

Nevertheless, vandalism in public places - especially in the central square - is not something new and it is easy to immediately suspect the 'usual suspects' who carry out these acts, satisfying who knows what kind of 'needs'.

Just having fun? Being a hotshot? Being smart? Your guess is as good as ours!

As long as the state or local authority don't consider it necessary to protect busy public areas for sport, recreation, culture etc - nobody saw anything and nobody knows how it happened.

Sooner or later the street lamp will be fixed ... our ideas about looking after public areas might take a bit longer!

 October 2015 - Photo: Markos Vaptismas