7th Corfu Mountain Trail Programme

CORFU. Top runners and journalists will be in Corfu this weekend – 14-15 April – for this year’s Corfu Mountain Trail. The event programme is as follows:

April / 2018


10:00-14:00: Pick up of registration numbers with ID or passport at New Balance Store, Nikiforou Theotoki 15.

13:00: Technical briefing about the trail at Messonghi Beach Holiday Resort.

17:30: Departure of coaches with 104 km Trail runners for the starting point in Ipsos.

18:00: Coach pick-up point in Corfu Town (San Rocco Square, outside MARKATO supermarket) for runners wanting to take the coach to the starting point for the Night & Day 104km Trail.

19:00: 104km Trail sets off from Ipsos.



07:00: Start of 40km Trail from Messonghi Beach Holiday Resort.

09:00: Start of 20km Trail from Messonghi Beach Holiday Resort.

11:00: Start of 8km Trail from Messonghi Beach Holiday Resort.

12:00: Children’s 1km race at the hotel sports field.

12:30: Special Olympics race.

13:00: Runners’ buffet.

14:00: Award ceremony.

18:00: End of 7th Corfu Mountain Trail.