Trek: Issos - Gardiki Castle

CORFU. Corfu Trekking and Mountain Climbing Association is organizing a trek on Sunday 15th April from Issos to Gardiki Castle.

April / 2018

The trek starts from Issos beach and after going over the sand dunes and through the famous cedar forest crosses the bridge at the entrance to Korission Lagoon and continues along the coast at Halikouna ending up at the castle.

The walk doesn't present any great difficulties and is open to everyone. The distance covered is approximately 10km (3km over sand dunes).

Starting Point: Issos Beach
Finish: Gardiki Castle
Length: 10km
Degree of difficulty: 1
Time: 3 hours

Transport to and from the start and finish points is by chartered bus - departing at 09:00 from Spilia (Black Cat).