Going Out

March / 2018

‘Korakianitis’ Bakery –Patisserie
For over 35 years this family business has been producing high quality pastries, sweets and coffee.

Authentic traditional bread with leaven as well as other breads (wholemeal, traditional, Zea etc.). Our main shop is in Triklino and we also have a shop in Corfu Town in Don. Dimoulitsa (near the old Psychiatric Hospital). A warm and friendly atmosphere awaits you in both shops to come and enjoy the tastes on offer.
Open from 7am.
Triklino – 26610 52553
Don. Dimoulitsa 11 – 26610 44381
Red Hot Chilli Burger
Corfu Old Town. Come here for the most ‘Rock’ Burgers in Corfu and salads made with fresh vegetables and a delicious variety of combinations including salmon, chicken, mushrooms, avocado and many others.

Agia Sofia 12A
Open daily 12:00-02:00
Delivery: 13:00-17:00 and 19:00-01:00
Tel: 26610 22210 / 6987 037333
Rex Restaurant
Sticking faithfully to our commitment to quality and gastronomic surprises, we have updated our menu with new dishes to suit all tastes.

Once more, the Mediterranean cuisine dominates as it has done since 1932. Greek and Corfu specialities with popular traditional recipes. Refreshing freshly cut salads, rich hors d'oeuvres and sweets such as lemon pie, rice pudding (rizogalo) and baklava or something lighter – fruit salad, yoghurt with honey – to finish off your meal in the best possible way.
Capodistriou 66
Open daily 12 noon – 12 midnight
Tel: 26610 39649
Harry’s Taverna
Traditional taverna with traditional Greek cuisine – cooked or grilled. Delicious fish ‘mezes’.

Open daily from 6:30pm until late. Friday and Saturday – live music.
Marina Gouvia (50m before the entrance, on the right)
Tel: 26610 91814 /6981686618
Bruno’s Seafood Taverna
Bruno’s is well-known for its fresh fish, prawns, Corfu ‘Bourdeto’, whitebait marinade, white taramosalata and other delicious dishes.

The top quality of the food and the warm atmosphere make it an ideal place to enjoy Greek cuisine.
Eth. Antistasis 46, EmporikoKentro
Tel: 26610 21333
Bekios Grill, near the New Port, is one of the most popular Grills on the island.

Since 1979 we have stayed true to tradition and serving good food. Traditional Grill-Taverna with fresh meat well grilled.
Eth. Antistasis 12
Opening hours: 19:00 – very late
Tel: 26610 25946
Tsi-Tsi Restaurant – Kantoni Estate
Are you looking for somewhere different where you can try authentic home-made dishes?

Then the Tsi-Tsi in the Kantoni Estate multi-venue is the place for you! As well enjoying the unforgettable dishes in our restaurant you can also find a café, a zoo and event halls.
Open weekends and holidays.
Tel: 26630 23157 / 6988 799070
Ihnilatis Meze-Taverna
Acharavi, North Corfu. Warm and friendly with delicious dishes and reasonable prices.

Well worth visiting even if you’re coming from the town! Extra special ‘mezes’ and Volos tsipouro.
Open Tues-Sat 18:00 – late
Sunday open from the morning until late.
Live music every Saturday.
Tel: 26630 29369 / 6974 662069
The Old Perithia
Established in 1863, the Old Perithia is a traditional taverna in Old Perithia village square. Sitting in the yard in the shade of a huge tree, you can enjoying your unique meal with a view of Mt. Pantokratorand the old sundial on the old town hall.


Local specialities with fresh local products from our own garden - using the old recipes from the time of our grandparents.
Open weekends and holidays from morning to night.
Tel: 26630 98055 / 6944 798567