Tubes removed from 18-year-old patient – one of the two teenage road accident victims

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CORFU. The tubes have been removed from the 18-year-old schoolboy who was involved in a serious road accident near Vrioni on Friday night along with a 17-year-old schoolgirl.

February / 2018

Hospital Director, Phivos Kakavitsas, told Enimerosi that the schoolboy will be moved to the Orthopaedic Department of Corfu General Hospital now that his condition has improved and stabilized. The 17-year-old schoolgirl, however, remains connected to tubes although the prognosis is positive.

The two teenagers were riding on a motorcycle which crashed into a car, which in turn crashed into a parked vehicle.

Only the two youngsters were injured and were immediately taken to Corfu Hospital and admitted to the Intensive Care Unit. The car suffered only material damage.