Completion of work at Spilia marina to be put up for tender

CORFU. The process will be managed by Corfu Port Authority and monitored by the Regional Technical Services.

February / 2018

It is said that everything comes in good time and so it is that the time has come for the completion of the marina at Spilia, making it available for tourist vessels. A sea tourism facility in one of the best spots on the island. The outstanding matters from the work contracted out over the last ten years (in actual fact, they have been unresolved since the time that Sarlis was mayor!) are the construction of the windward jetty as a barrier against the mistral (maestro) wind and of course the restoration of the walls below the road at Mouragia and development of the land area between the pier at Café Giali and the former car park at Spilia.

The enterprising Deputy Regional Governor, Sakis Tsoukas, believes that they will have received the tenders by the end of February and considers the funding of 7.5 million Euros to be assured. This had been the problem with the previous contract work, which had received the funding but hadn’t completed the work.

The process of putting up the work for tender will be administered by Corfu Port Authority and monitored by the Regional Technical Services due to the high level of funding. (Similar to the restoration work on platforms and paving carried out at Garitsa, which is being implemented in the same way).

When the work is completed, assuming that the NAOK facilities are made available as a public harbour (with the Public Real Estate Services granting the coastal front to the Municipality), the town will have two small, modern harbour facilities for yachts – thus increasing the prestige and the number of visitors with ‘fat wallets’.