Sunday Times: Smashing times at Corfu’s pot-flinging party

LONDON. “All Greeks love a festival, but Corfu at Easter tops the lot. Our writer braves the falling ceramic.”

January / 2018

“Bang. The first pot falls, dropping from a fifth-floor window. As it hits the cobbled, cordoned-off street, it detonates like a gun. Others follow, toppled from the balconies of the palazzos. Pretty soon it becomes a fusillade of plummeting pots, accompanied by flying ceramic shards, screams and cheers.

This is the pot-smashing ceremony that takes place every year during Greek Orthodox Easter on the island of Corfu. Some say it’s a symbolic rejection of the evil spirit of Judas. Some believe it’s about renewal, and related to an older, non-Christian tradition. Whichever it is, it’s a great excuse to break stuff….”

So begins an article about the Corfu Easter in the Sunday Times of 28th January. Excellent promotion to a wide audience of our richest local celebration, which attracts so many people in such a short period of time. This event, abounding in customs and traditions, is a worldwide attraction every year and, depending on when Easter falls, marks the beginning of the holiday period.