3rd Corfu Mountain Trail meeting

CORFU. In preparation for the 7th Corfu Mountain Trail, there will be a third training meeting on Saturday 3rd February at 17:30 in the village of Lakones.

January / 2018

From there the runners will be taken in cars provided by the organizers to the village of Zygos, where the training will begin.

The special characteristic of this training will be that runners and participants will have the chance to experience night running on the Corfu Mountain Trail paths, just like the Ultra race runners. This will be a unique experience as they will be accompanied by experienced Corfu Mountain Trail runners.

The route will follow marked paths, with standard night markings, for a distance of 15km with a low level of difficulty and a low altitude of 330 meters. Beginning in Zygos, the route passes through the village of Kastellani and then on to Aleimatades, where there will be a stop for hot tea, and then on to the finish at Lakones, where there will be treats and other surprises.

It is compulsory for participants, whether they are competing or not, to have a torch with fresh batteries, waterproof windcheater, a charged mobile phone and food/snacks of their choice (usually some kind of bars) plus water.

For those who don’t have their own means of transport, there will be transport available for up to 20 people from the Aktaion Café on the Saturday at 16:30. This will be on a first come, first served basis from messages sent to https://m.me/costas.stratigos by 28th January.