Corfu Mayor: A matter of days for the waste to be removed from Paxos

Mayor of Paxos: Spyros Vlachopoulos

CORFU. The mayor of Paxos, Spyros Vlachopoulos, is awaiting the green light from the mayor of Corfu for the removal of rubbish which has been accumulating on the small island over the past 7 months and which, by rights, belongs in the Temploni landfill in Corfu.

January / 2018

The Paxos mayor told Enimerosi of the problem that has been created with the accumulation of 600 tons of rubbish and the dispute with the deputy mayor for cleaning services, Spyros Aspiotis. He said that the island could no longer keep the waste as he had been requested to do during the peak summer period.

According to Mr. Vlachopoulos, the deputy mayor had referred to an unpaid sum of 20,000 Euros which Paxos owes the Cleaning Department. “It isn’t a problem for us to pay the sum, however the Cleaning Department hasn’t fulfilled its own responsibilities,” said the Paxos mayor.

He went on to say that the transportation of waste to Corfu has been a major issue over the last two years since the problems with the Temploni landfill began. “Under normal conditions, we need one transportation run a month (15 containers). In the peak months of July and August, possibly two.”

Corfu Town Council

The dispute led the mayor of Paxos to pay a visit to the Corfu Municipality offices at Maraslio in order to find a solution. The Corfu mayor, Kostas Nikolouzos, claimed that he wasn’t aware of what the deputy mayor for cleaning services had said, but assured the Paxos mayor that it was just a matter of days before the removal of rubbish from Paxos to Corfu would begin.

The Corfu mayor told Enimerosi, “It is true that we had requested him to keep the waste during the period when the Temploni landfill was under a lot of pressure and he sympathized with the situation. My view is that we are obliged to remove the waste and that is what we will do. Even if it is just a little at a time and even if it is rotting, we will treat it in the same way that we treat the rest of the waste.”

According to the Paxos mayor, at least four runs are required to transport the 600 tons of accumulated waste from Paxos to Corfu.