Alekos Fasianos to be granted honorary citizenship of Corfu on Sunday

CORFU. On Sunday, the internationally-recognized Corfiot artist Alekos Fasianos, will be granted honorary citizenship of Corfu at the Old Town Hall.

November / 2017

The Town Council also decided at their last meeting to award the renowned artist the Silver Medal of Corfu Distinction and the Artistic Diploma. The ceremony will take place in the Old Town Hall on Sunday 12 November at 12.30pm.
Exhibition of Handmade Books: ‘By the hand of Alekos Fasianos’
Corfu Municipal Art Gallery welcomes the great Corfu painter, Alekos Fasianos.
Alekos Fasianos will be present at the exhibition opening on Sunday 12 November, 13.00 at the San Giacomo. The exhibition will continue until Friday 15 December.
Opening hours: 09.00-15.00 Mon. – Fri. / 10.00-14.00 Weekends
Admission free
41 handmade collector’s books with works of art by Alekos Fasianos (lithographs, copperplates, various techniques and collage) from the collections of the Aitoloakarnanias Gallery of Modern Art: Christos & Sophia Moschandreou. This is the first time they will be exhibited in Corfu.

Books that were illustrated during the period 1973-2013 with over 200 handmade works by Alekos Fasianos, including 7 rare monographs.

Narrative illustrations that start from Ancient Greece (Theokritos, Sappho, Alcaios, Aristophanes, Homer), through D. Solomos and up to the modern writers – Kavafis, Palama, Christianopoulos, Tachtsis, Sachtouris, Karouzos and Ritsos, as well as French writers such as Louis Aragon, Alain Jouffroy, Jean-Michel Maulpoix and the famous French publisher of poetry collections, Pierre Seghers.

The curator of the exhibition, art historian Louiza Karapidaki, said, “The exhibits allow the visitor to learn about the applied techniques of bibliophile publications as well as to admire the artist’s creations over a 40-year period. The power of expression, the dreamlike atmosphere and the poetic lines of Fasianos’ two-dimensional images highlight the heroism, eroticism and passion of the illustrations with human figures and awaken the viewer’s fantasy world in non-defined places which are nonetheless symbolically defined.”

The Exhibition of Handmade Books: ‘By the hand of Alekos Fasianos’ will be hosted at the Old Town Hall San Giacomo. The president of the Corfu Municipal Art Gallery commented, “We are pleased to be able to ‘open up’ the Gallery’s activities to another location with this important exhibition, thus making the works of art available to as many of our fellow citizens as possible.”
Organisers: Corfu Municipal Art Gallery in collaboration with Moschandreou Gallery