Kostas Pavlidis MP: We need a new plan for Erimitis

CORFU.The Corfu SYRIZA MP, Kostas Pavlidis, stated at a press conference that Erimitis is an important investment, but in the wrong location.

November / 2017

"If we were talking about Acharavi, I would happily welcome such a large investment. If we are talking about an area of Corfu which can be developed as a high-quality tourist region, then that is the north east (Kassiopi and further south).
There is a development model for the region and it has been implemented," he added. "The latest development, regarding the conversion of a long-term concession to an ownership concession, negates the original investment plan without actually being illegal. It confirms the complaints of the local community that it was a real estate plan. We need to re-examine it. "
He also stated that he sympathizes with the local council and citizens, although he made it clear that the decision for the investment in Kassiopi (along with Afantou Rhodes and 14 regional airports) had been signed by the previous governments and is not subject to negotiation.
He declared, however, that, "In the light of the new unexpected developments and given the fact that we are heading for a post-memorandum period in a year, perhaps we can take another look at these issues".