Medicine and drugs available at the Social Pharmacy. Request for donations of medicines.

CORFU.The Corfu Social Pharmacy, which operates with the collaboration of the Equal Society and the Municipality of Corfu, has listed available drugs which are distributed free to those with a legal prescription who are registered at the Social Pharmacy and who don’t have the financial means or insurance to purchase them.

October / 2017

For those who would like to support this effort, medicine and drugs can be donated to the Social Pharmacy at Solomou 11 in Spilia (behind the Employment Office – OAED).
Those who belong to vulnerable social groups can register at the Social Pharmacy with the necessary documents. Hours: 09.15-14.30. Telephone: 26610 30699
Drug availability at Corfu Social Pharmacy
1. Circulatory
2. Anticoagulant
3. Corticosteroids
4. Analgesics
5. Respiratory system
6. Anthelmintics
7. Antibiotics
8. Anti-Thyroid
9. Antiviral
10. Antihistamines
11. Antifungal
12. Antineoplastic / Immunomodulatory
13. Anti-hypertensive
14. Anti-tuberculosis
15. Arthropathy & Musculoskeletal
16. Diuretics
17. Nervous system
18. Urinary system
19. Ophthalmic
20. Blood diseases
21. Skin diseases
22. Digestive system
23. Diabetes
24. Contrast agents
25. Supplements
26. Hyperlipidaemia
27. Miscellaneous
28. Pharmacy articles (dressings, supplements)
You can see the available drugs in detail here