Youth road race in Spianada Upper Square

CORFU.Corfu Gymnastics Association in collaboration with the Corfu branch of the National Athletics Federation (SEGAS), the Region of Ionian Islands and the Corfu Municipal Sports, Cultural and Environmental Organization are organizing a Youth Road Race on Sunday, October 29, in Spianada Upper Square (Liston).

October / 2017

The races are being held to commemorate the 37th anniversary of the Corfu athlete, Arsenis Cimino, breaking the world record for 2000m with natural obstacles as well as the successes of the association’s athletes on a national and international level.
1. Categories
·         800m for Primary schoolboys 3rd – 4th grade
·         800m for Primary schoolgirls 3rd – 4th grade
·         1000m for Primary schoolboys 5th – 6th grade
·         1000m for Primary schoolgirls 5th – 6th grade
·         2000m for Secondary schoolboys
·         1200m for Secondary schoolgirls
2. Who can take part
a. Primary school students born 2006-2009 
b. Secondary school students born 2003-2005
c. Athletes under the auspices of Corfu Athletic Federation or independent athletes
3. Health Precautions
Parents or legal guardians are responsible for the students participating in the races. They must have medical approval and the children must participate normally in school physical education lessons.
4. Prizes
Prizes will be awarded to the first six in each category.
1ST will receive a cup, medal and certificate.
2nd and 3rd will receive a medal and certificate.
4th- 5th -6th will receive a certificate.
All of the participants will receive a certificate of participation. 
The prizes will be awarded by the physical education teachers Kostas Kyriazis and Panagiotis Papadatos from the 11th Primary School and Agros Primary School, whose schools won the ‘Kapodistria’ Athletics Event on 3 May.
5. Team Prizes
A cup, medal and certificate will be awarded to the primary school that has the best team score outside the 4 best athletes from the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grades.
6. Regulations
The races will be conducted in accordance with SEGAS regulations.
7. Registration
Students can register at the Race Secretariat table approximately 1 hour before the start of the races.
8. Race Programme
10:30  2000m Secondary Schoolboys
10:45  1200m Secondary Schoolgirls
11:00   800m Primary Schoolgirls 3rd and 4th grade
11:15   800m Primary Schoolboys 3rd and 4th grade
11:30  1000m Primary Schoolgirls 5th and 6th grade
11:45   1000m Primary Schoolboys 5th and 6th grade

Eleni Koronaki