Large Turnout for Open Street Handball Event (photos)

CORFU. On Sunday morning, Spianiada Square was flooded with children΄s voices and smiles.

October / 2017

The association 'For our Children' had organized an Open Street Handball event, to raise money for the Special Primary School of Corfu for children with special needs. The money will go to buy new educational and therapeutic equipment which will aid theirpsychokinetic and educational development. 
One of the association’s aims is to encourage children to return to traditional neighborhood games, thus removing them from the isolation of virtual games. This event was the first activityorganized to further this aim.
Open Street handball games were played by children from 6 to 12 years of age, with the slogan"Be active for yourself, become active for others – Bring your friends to play".
The event was supported by three local children’s handball clubs Filia, Feax and Corfu Gymnastic Club.

You can see more photos here